Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Michigan strawberries are here!

My parents returned from a road-trip to the west side of the state last week, and brought with them two beautiful cases of fresh strawberries! While we did freeze quite a few of them, planning future pies, cheesecakes and smoothies, we also saved a couple quarts to devour this week.

I love strawberries. Along with tomatoes, they are my absolute favorite summer fruit. I mean, I love peaches and there's nothing like a fresh, juicy tangerine, but strawberries and tomatoes still rule supreme. The first night, I sliced a handful over my chocolate ice cream. The next day, I had a bowl of them plain, sliced thinly, eaten along with a glass of milk. And then I made a sponge cake. Well, kind of. It was really in between a sponge cake and a pound cake, but it made for perfect strawberry shortcake. I know there are those who think of strawberry shortcake as the kind with biscuits, or small cakes of a more scone-y texture as the base. But I prefer the spongy version, so it soaks up a little bit of the strawberry juice, and is easily sliced and spread with Cool-Whip (or real whipped cream, if you prefer).

The recipe I used is from epicurious.com, from an old issue of Bon Appetit, and thus I have no qualms about posting a link to it here. I don't actually have a 9-inch cake pan, so I used one 8-inch cake pan and three small, heart shaped cake pans. Ta da!

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