Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cookies! And my new apron!

Again, my dorm doesn't have a communal kitchen, and toaster ovens are strictly forbidden. The Boyfriend's residential college, however, is not so sadly lacking, so when I went to visit a couple weeks ago, we made full use of his kitchen and this cooking site we discovered,

They have this video displaying the most luscious-looking chocolate-chip cookies, and we decided to give their recipe a whirl. Unfortunately, while his dorm has a communal kitchen and a selection of cooking and baking implements, it turns out it doesn't have a set of beaters, electric or otherwise. Which meant that when it came time to cream together the butter and sugar, the Boyfriend got to show off that upper arm strength and go at it with a whisk. Our first batch turned out rather biscuity (but still quite delicious in my opinion), so he really beat the dough for the second batch, and they turned out just lovely, much more cookie-like in texture and just as cute and crinkly.

While I can eat a fair number of cookies, the 3 or 4 dozen we ended up making were too many even for the two of us, so we shared with just about everyone who wandered in, asking why we were making cookies. In addition to satisfying my baking itch, I also got to show off my awesome new apron; brown with white polka-dots, little bits of lace trim on the pocket and just $4 at the thrift store.