Sunday, October 5, 2008


As I spent the week being rather good, so far as overspending on food goes, I decided to make up for it in a delicious, extravagant meal out with friends tonight. We decided to take a walk over to Seva, a wonderful vegetarian restaurant in downtown Ann Arbor. Although I usually go for their massive, delicious sandwiches (my favorite is BBQ eggplant, although the portobello mushroom burger is also excellent) tonight I had scrumptious goat cheese ravioli, topped with a rich sauce, oodles of button mushrooms and chopped walnuts. The portions are quite generous, so I certainly didn't need more food...but my friends and I decided to order chips and guacamole, and Seva's amazing yam fries as appetizers. I love yam fries, and Seva's are the best I've tasted thus far. They have this wonderful balance of sweet, savory and salty; and if, like me, you enjoy them with a liberal coating of Seva's aioli, they're perfectly spicy as well.

It's been an excellent food weekend in general, really. Yesterday the Boyfriend was in town, and his family was kind enough to take both of us out to dinner at Knight's, also in downtown Ann Arbor. I had a lovely Classic Reuben, as well as a nice green salad with house-made balsamic vinaigrette. To add to all of this loveliness, there was wonderful fall weather this weekend, highs in the mid-sixties, and the Boyfriend and I decided to buy doughnuts and apple cider for a snack, along with apple slices and caramel dip. So the past two days definitely have made up for a week of merely fair to okay dorm food.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Seeing as I haven't been doing much cooking...

and when I have gotten a chance to make food, I have been without a camera to document it...for now my blog will become a record of both my baking/cooking exploits and my food adventures as a college student. A place for me to whine about icky dorm food, and celebrate the days I decide to treat myself to an evening eating out. Unfortunately, I remain camera-less (Christmas present?), so it'll be a text-only blog for a while too.