Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Delicious Bread Bible Success

Last weekend I started craving biscuits and was actually well-rested enough that I decided to get up at a normal hour on Sunday to attempt a batch of buttermilk biscuits. This recipe is actually listed as "Butter Biscuits" and has the Bread Bible's usual precise, detailed instructions. As baking projects go, this one was pretty quick; I was able to make the dough, roll and cut the biscuits and pop them in the oven in just under 30 minutes. Fifteen minutes later, I had these beautiful, rich and fluffy biscuits for breakfast.

Of course, as usual I was missing a piece of reccomended equipment (a biscuit cutter with serrated edges...or a biscuit cutter in general) but I have lots of cookie cutters. As in, a huge Ziplock bag full. One of my favorite childhood traditions was that of picking out a new cookie cutter each year and making big batches of rolled sugar cookies with my mom. One particularly memorable year, I chose a star-shaped cookie cutter. My sister chose a foot-shaped cookie cutter. Not a paw-shaped cookie cutter, or a festive hoove-shaped cookie cutter, but one shaped like a very small human's foot.

Anyways...for the biscuits I used my pine-tree cookie cutter, as it too has serrated edges (kind of like a biscuit cutter, right?) and consequently my biscuits are rather large. And, you know, tree-shaped. But they were also absolutely delicious, a perfect start to a lazy Sunday morning.

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