Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just your usual morning indulgence...

Before my sister left for camp, a whopping seven weeks or so ago, she requested an edible homecoming gift. More specifically, she flipped through my Bread Bible (!) to the recipe she's been eying since I bought that lovely book weeks back. She wanted the Chocolate Sticky Buns, a breakfast treat of the brioche variety.

These actually weren't as painful as I'd anticipated; true, the dough required a lot of babysitting, but the ganache filling and almond-caramel coating took no more than an hour or so. I was quite pleased with the result, although mine weren't as pretty as the ones in the book...sadly, I do not in fact own a Flexipan number 1601 mold, so after slicing the buns jelly-roll style, I just placed them in a 9-by-13 baking dish and let them rise until they resembled really poufy cinnamon rolls.

Despite their appearance, the buns were deliciously decadent. I loved the oozing chocolate right out of the oven, and my sister liked them just as much once the chocolate had set.

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