Tuesday, May 27, 2008


As much as I complained about this nutrition project, it did give me an excuse to cook and bake on a weeknight, rather unusual during the school year. I particularly liked making the frittata, since it's basically quiche minus the pesky pie crust. The oatmeal-sourdough rolls were an adventure...next time I think I'll try a slower rise time and/or proofing my starter the night before, since there wasn't much of a sourdough-y flavor, but they were fluffy and slightly sweet, so I wasn't too disappointed. As far as the chocolate-covered strawberries go, those are always an easy, unqualified success. It's really hard to screw up melted chocolate and strawberries.

The frittata and the oatmeal-sourdough rolls were both recipes from allrecipes.com, though as I don't have a breadmaker, I made a bunch of my own additions (instructions-wise) to the roll recipe. I didn't use a recipe for the strawberries; melt chocolate w/a little water, dip strawberries, allow to chill on wax paper. Ta-da!

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